Thursday, March 10, 2016


I HAVE KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME, that I am motivated by two things: a need to 'exist' as myself, and a resistance to any outside influence that tells me, passively or aggressively, that I should not 'exist' as I am. This morning, I was thinking about writing, and how it's been lately. I've been undergoing a minor block, but I know it will be short-lived. I'll get through it because I have before. Part of me also recognizes an old rebellion settling in, the 'I don't want to do this today, so I'm not going to and no one's going to make me'. Of course, this is misplaced. The only person I'm really rebelling against is my disciplined, sensible self. (I can recognize my own acts of self-sabotage.)

But I also wonder if this rebellion isn't something that motivates some of us who write, dance, compose, and create. That fight against being contained, the wish to be heard, and especially the need to survive those who would shout you down. Also the desire to be free from constraints, which is what I'm coping with, lately. Being creative means you want to explore your individuality and share it with the world. And sometimes, it means you don't. 

I know many people write because they are driven to create. Their motivations as to why vary; most like the creative process, many want the ego fulfilment that comes with success (Why yes, I am a writer. Be impressed.). But I suspect fewer of us write out of rebellion because we want to be heard and feel we have something worthwhile to say.

Why do you write? Am I wrong to think those of us write because we think we have something to say are in the minority? I expect I'll be having this conversation with a number of my creative friends. 

- Susan.

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