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Sunday, August 10, 2014


THIS WILL BE A VERY SHORT POST. AS SUZENYMS HAS BEEN NOMINATED for a 2014 Aurora award under Best English Related Work by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, and as I've also been busy all weekend at one of my favorite conventions, When Words Collide in Calgary, I'm taking a few spare moments to point you to the updated one-page synopsis I've created for all the posts on this blog. If you want to review all of the ABC's I've covered so far, check out the Letters to the Slush Pile I've penned, the Guest Interviews I've presented, see where my own writing has taken me, etc., they are all here. One stop shopping, so to speak. Just go to the link below, and from there, check out whichever posts interest you.

Here's the link to the updated Suzenyms Synopsis/Voter Package.

As for When Words Collide, the convention has been great. I'll be heading to my own launch for The Tattooed Seer at noon, and then the Five Rivers launch shortly thereafter. Highlights of the convention so far? Sharing a Live-Action Slush, Historical Version panel with Adrienne Kerr of Penguin/Random House Canada and chatting with her afterwards. Also, having many people tell me how much they loved The Tattooed Witch and how they were looking forward to reading The Tattooed Seer. Thanks, everybody. Your praise has been music to my ears.

- Susan.

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