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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


IN CASE ANY OF YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS on Facebook or on the Five Rivers Publishing website, etc, Kobo Books is offering a special deal on the first book of my trilogy The Tattooed Witch. To save time, I've copied the promotion from the Five Rivers website:
"To celebrate the conclusion of Susan MacGregor’s trilogy, Five Rivers Publishing is offering 45 days at Kobo where you can download a free copy of the first in the series, The Tattooed Witch. The promotion runs October 15 through November 30. For those of you who haven’t delved into this lush, tense paranormal fantasy, we’re sure you’re going to be hooked. The last in the trilogy, The Tattooed Queen releases December 1. Happy reading!"  
This is an excellent deal. Normally, the printed book goes for $25.99, although it's currently offered on at $34.29 and $31.99 on This link will take you to the Kobo site for the free e-book. If you haven't already read them, you can also check out the first two chapters of The Tattooed Witch on Suzenyms here.

As a bonus, I will be posting the first chapter of the trilogy's final book, The Tattooed Queen, on Suzenyms, shortly.

- Susan.

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