Saturday, May 03, 2014


SINCE ALL THE NOMINEES FOR THE 2014 AURORA AWARDS are creating Voter Packages for their work, I thought I should do one for Suzenyms. (Lorina Stephens, Publisher, Five Rivers Publishing is creating one for The Tattooed Witch, also nominated for an Aurora.) What follows is a synopsis of the majority of topics I've covered on Suzenyms since its resurrection. For aspiring writers, there is The ABC's of How 'Not' to Write Speculative Fiction stream, which I am half-way through and which I'll continue to post until it's done. The Letters to the Slush Pile stream is for more experienced writers who want to know what's going through an editor's head as she reads their work. The third stream is composed of Guest Interviews, where I feature professionals who share their writing, editing, and promotional expertise, and the fourth features my writing journey with The Tattooed Witch and subsequent books in the trilogy. I've also included a number of topics under Miscellaneous. Click on any of the links, and they should take you to the desired topic:

From The ABC's of How 'Not' to Write Speculative Fiction:
From Letters (and Memos) to the Slush Pile:
Guest Interviews:
The Tattooed Witch and Trilogy:


    1. Fantastic! Thanks for creating this index. I hope you win, you deserve to! But even if not, thank you for the insights and eduction you continue offer to aspiring writers.

      You know the topic of writing both as an writer yourself and as a magazine editor, that puts you in a select group. But, or me, what's even more amazing is that you're one of the very few from that group who are able to communicate this knowledge is a way that is helpful and in friendly tone. Nice-nice! Many thanks!!

    2. Thank you, MPD. It's comments like yours that make me feel as if my efforts are worthwhile. I appreciate them very much. - S.