Monday, March 31, 2014


Dear ------

What is that old saying? The best is saved for last? I've been wrapping up my first pass at the slush pile. When I originally tried to read your story, for some reason Submittable prevented me from opening it. Today, as I was wrapping up those few stories that I have remaining, I was finally able to read yours.

In my Letters to the Slush Pile #4, I raved about a terrific story that delighted me because it was so funny - it made me laugh out loud. Your work entertained me in a different way. It brought me to tears.

Not only have you told me a story with great style and grace, but your protagonist filled me with profound respect. I've suggested in previous posts that if a character dies, it should mean something - that that character's life, and his death, should touch us. For me, you did that.

When a writer reminds us of what is truly important in life, when she reflects on those subtle and beautiful moments that are so easy to dismiss because of our preoccupation with the pressing and the mundane, that writer does us a service. Your story was the best piece in the over one hundred submissions that were my responsibility to read. Of course, I am putting it forward.

My fellow editors may as well love it as much as I have.

- Susan.

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  1. Tears, eh? Bring it on! I love a great story. Looking forward to seeing it.