Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Dear ------,

I have to say, it was a real delight to read your story! I've read just over a third of the slush assigned to me, and yours was the first that really made me smile. I like all kinds of work and all types of stories - from the silly, to the poignant, to the dark, to the dramatic. Yours was a rare gift - a fun read! I really have nothing to criticize about it. I'm sure the other editors will enjoy it as much as I did when they get around to reading it. Of course I am passing it along. Of course, I will fight for it. (I doubt I'll have to fight very much, if at all).

I hope to copy-edit your story (which, truth be told, doesn't need much - I think the only thing I would tighten is a very small section of your dialogue). Why did I enjoy it so much? Because, despite your characters being 'types', they were still original and refreshing enough, the situation they found themselves in was ridiculous, and the end was perfect, considering their foibles.This is the entertainment business. You entertained me.

Thank you so much for submitting --------- to On Spec. I see you've sent us a few other pieces. I look forward to reading them too, as well as telling you eventually, that your story was the one I was raving about.

Keep up the marvelous work!

- Susan.


  1. I miss that part... :)

  2. You can always come back. You know we'd take you back in a minute. Come share the joy. :-)

  3. This would be lovely to be on the receiving end of! I'm guessing though in the odds of slush pile reading (I used to do it too, at a small press way back when), it's one you get to send all too seldom. But an acceptance can take away the sting of many rejections -- for both editor and writer.

  4. If I'm writing an acceptance letter, I'll compliment the writer, but I don't tend to go on about how great the story was, as I do here. It's nice to be able to elaborate. After I read this story, I read another one that was also wonderful - a totally different style, more global in its presentation (rather than linear), and dealing with one of the themes that attracts me hugely. Furthermore, the writer doesn't write like I do, so I appreciate the differences as well as the craft he shows in his work - layers of plot, interesting time shifts - that lead to a terrific impression/conclusion by the end. I love variety. There's no one way to tell a fantastic tale.