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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD to this weekend, when I'll be attending When Words Collide, one of my favorite writers' conventions that occurs every year in Calgary. For those of you who are attending, I'm looking forward to meeting you if we haven't met before. Looking at my schedule, I'm involved in the following launches, workshops, and panels:

On Friday, August 9, 2013: At 6:00 p.m. Diane Walton and I team up to present Live Action Editing, where we take examples from the ABC's of How NOT to Write SF (which I've begun posting here on the blog). We'll challenge the audience to find and discuss the writing errors.

At 9:00 p.m., I team up with funny ladies Melodie Campbell and Sarah Kades, plus the wonderfully talented Tim Reynolds to discuss More Humour in Fiction. Since the hospitality suites are opening at the same time, I may have to bring shots.

On Saturday morning, 10:00 a.m., I start the day off with Live Action Slush, Fantasy Edition, where Robert Runté, Graeme Brown, D.B. Jackson, Ed Willett and myself don our editors' hats and listen to samples submitted anonymously by the audience. If you're not familiar with Live Action Slush, the reader (in this case, the lovely Ed Willett) reads the writing sample until three editors signal him to stop. If no one puts their hand up, the writing is good and has grabbed our interest. If we do put our hands up, we discuss what the writer might do to improve his or her work.

At 2:00, I'm involved with the Urban Green Man Launch, with Adria Laycraft and Janice Blaine (co-editors), Brian Hades, Publisher of Edge, and other contributing members to the anthology (Susan Forrest, Randy McCharles, Billie Milholland, Sandra Wickham, Celeste Peters, and Suzanne Church). We each read five minutes from our story. As my story Evergreen opens with a tarot reading, I think I'll bring my tarot cards.

At 3:00, I'm off to another panel on Exciting Anthologies, with fellow-panelists and anthologists, Mike Plested (A Method to the Madness, Five Rivers), Adria Laycraft (Urban Green Man, Edge), and Lynda Williams (Okal Rel Universe). My contribution to this group is two anthologies (Divine Realms, Ravenstone Books and Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales, Edge), so I should have something to add.

THEN at 9:00 P.M., I'M LAUNCHING The Tattooed Witch. Thanks to Diane, Managing Editor at On Spec, and the Pure Speculation folks, I have a place to launch the novel. When I approached the When Words Collide team, it was on very short notice. I wasn't sure the book would be out. Thanks to Lorina Stephens at Five Rivers, it is. Please come by Suite #1057 for drinks and cake!

On Sunday at 12:00 noon, I'm doing a short reading from The Tattooed Witch at the Hybrid Historical Readings which I will share with Graeme Brown and Ronald Hore, and then,

AT 4:00 p.m., it's the Method to the Madness Launch, where I release my hounds and inner evil empress  Calasandra (fashionista, romantic, and conqueror of the Virgo Supercluster). I hadn't intended on sewing this week, but as we're supposed to be in costume...well, let me say, what I'll be wearing isn't what I originally intended. This will also be my first time at COSPLAY. Further, if you haven't yet heard Calasandra's podcast on her own personal website, go here. I will attempt to share (and not conquer) the launch with Jade Brook, Jennifer Rahn, Tim Reynolds, Aaron Kite, Janna Willard, Troy Winn, and co-editor, poor down-trodden Mike Plested. (Or so he claims. I don't believe it.) I'll post pictures if I get good ones.

Next post: Writing Coaches - What Can They Do For You?

Stay tuned.

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