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WHAT WITH THE UPCOMING RELEASE of The Tattooed Queen on December 1st, I hope you'll all bear with me. It means I have to do a bit of promotion (when I'd much rather be starting on something new.)

So, let's talk about my upcoming joint launch first.

Ann Marston, who has numerous books to her credit and who is also part of the Five Rivers author family, is joining me in a joint launch. Her book, A Still and Bitter Grave is also being released December 1st as is The Tattooed Queen. We're combining forces at Audrey's Books, here in Edmonton on December 7th, at 7:00 PM. Please join us for readings, signings, and refreshments.

A reminder as well, for those of you who own a Kobo e-reader: you can get a free e-copy of my first book in the trilogy, The Tattooed Witch from Kobo until November 30th - the day before The Tattooed Queen is released. It's a great deal. There's no telling how much the books will go for after December 1st.

Lorina Stephens, my editor and publisher at Five Rivers, has also been busy publicising my final book in the trilogy by posting reviews of The Tattooed Witch. Here's a few 'snippet' reviews from various sites:

1). @LibraryThing says The Tattooed Witch 'fast-paced, romantic, vividly imaginative' #freebook @kobo

2). @Goodreads says 'fantastic read' The Tattooed Witch #freebook @kobo

3). @FletcherMR 'beautifully written' re The Tattooed Witch #freebook @kobo

Here are some of the best (5-starred) reviews on, of both The Tattooed Witch and The Tattooed Seer:

About The Tattooed Witch (Book One):
"Readers wary or unfamiliar with the genre will enjoy this book. It is extremely well and tightly written and moves quickly along. It's nicely organised and divided so that there are frequent logical points to stop reading… only you won't want to stop reading. The characters, even minor characters, are well developed. The lush landscape is easily pictured. This book would make a great movie. While the book can stand alone in the sense that events are sufficiently wrapped up by its ending, you won't want to wait to see what happens in book two, The Tattooed Seer. MacGregor is currently working on the final instalment in the trilogy, The Tattooed Queen. I'm looking forward to reading both."
"Susan MacGregor is one of those rare writers who can pen interior dialogue without forcing the average male reader to run for cover. This is brilliantly done, intriguing and down right spooky in places and I, for one, fully intend to read this trilogy to its conclusion."
"I absolutely loved this book. The beginning just grabs your attention and the story keeps you wanting more. When I began reading it I was extremely busy...but after some really late nights and squeezing in time at work *cough cough* when I should have been working...I blew through it in a couple of days. I have given it to all of my friends and we all have truly loved it. Can't wait for book two!"
About The Tattooed Seer (Book Two):
"This is one of my favourite new series! I read the first book last year and was very eager for the second one to come out to see what happens to these fascinating characters. Susan MacGregor is a skilled story teller who has managed to weave fantasy with elements of historical Spanish inquisition into a compelling and inventive world full of intrigue, peril and magic. I was a particular fan of the first book for how MacGregor sets up the complexity and intricacies of her well-developed societal milieu. I got lost in this multifaceted world with characters facing danger and adventure. The second book hits the ground running and keeps the momentum up throughout, I often had chills and my only disappointment in the series so far is that I have to wait for the 3rd book to see what happens! This is a very mature read and very rewarding for fans of fantasy who still like to have roots in reality and believability. I definitely recommend this little known gem!"
"If you are a fan of historical fantasy or romance this book will sit in your sweet spot. But here’s the thing. I’m not and yet this book still works for me, largely because Susan MacGregor is a literary craftsman. In my world fine writing trumps genres any time and this is fine writing."
Thanks for your indulgence. If you've read my books and have enjoyed them, please post reviews and let the world know. Those of us who publish through a smaller press need all the help we can get to put the word out about of our work. We don't have the big marketing and publicity machines behind us, as do the large publishing houses. I appreciate your support more than you know.

- Susan.

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