Saturday, October 08, 2016


I HAVE BEEN SOMEWHAT REMISS in my posts these past couple of weeks. Here is the new cover for The Tattooed Queen by Jeff Minkevics. I love how it's in keeping with the theme for both The Tattooed Witch and The Tattooed Seer. I've been very lucky to have been allowed input with all three covers, one of the perks of publishing with Five Rivers Books. I've also completed an interview with my editor, Lorina Stephens, about The Tattooed Queen which I will post here, this coming  Monday (Thanksgiving, here in Canada), so if you're interested, check it out.

As for Thanksgiving, I feel I have so much to be grateful for. The Tattooed Queen is set to be released December 1st (I expect there will be opportunity for pre-orders through Five Rivers and Amazon, etc., although they haven't been posted yet.) I also have a date for my first Edmonton launch at Audrey's Books for December 7th. It will be a joint launch, which I'm sharing with the amazing and talented Ann Marston. Her book, A Still and Bitter Grave, is also through Five Rivers.

Wherever you are, and whenever you celebrate it, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Great cover! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Question for you: what does the letter J stand for in your name?
    Cousin J

  2. Hi, J - the J is for Joan. There's also a funny story about that, but I don't want to share it here. Can you find me on FB? It would be good to connect. - S.