Monday, March 14, 2016


MY LAST POST GOT ME TO THINKING. It's all very well if you're a writer who is big on 'theme' as long as you're not preachy about it, of course. But not everybody who writes is about having something to say, or presenting ideas for readers to think about. Sometimes - maybe most of the time - it's about providing entertainment.

I've been reading my friend Karen Dudleys, Kraken Bake, the second book in her Epicurean Epics, through Ravenstone Press. Now, I'm not saying Karen doesn't deal with themes, but both Kraken Bake and Food for the Gods (the first book in her series), are sheer delights to read. Karen's strength is humour and I thank her for it, as well as a number of other writers I know who do 'funny' so well.

So I guess what I'm saying is - if you're  writer who offers an emotional journey, a deeper understanding, a fantastic adventure, or a laugh out loud fun time, then all those things are wonderful and you've given something of value to the world.

Good for you.

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