Friday, November 07, 2014


NEXT WEEKEND, I WILL BE ATTENDING THE PURE SPECULATION FESTIVAL, here in Edmonton, at the Ramada Conference Centre. I'm looking forward to it. The theme is The Final Frontier. GoH’s include David Gerrold (who wrote the Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles, writers and gamers, Dave Gross, Dan Riskin, Amber E. Scott, and Skype guest, Samuel R. Delany (yes, I know - Wow!) It’s going to be a great event for so many reasons. Some of the many panel topics include Indie Game Development, the Science of Superheroes, the Mars Race, Alternative Sexualities, Dystopian Fiction, and so on. There will also be readings by local authors (and others) including myself. If you'd like to take a look at what more the schedule includes, check out this link: Pure Speculation Schedule of Events.
I am involved in two events: On Spec and Tyche Books are launching On Spec’s 25th Anniversary Anthology on Saturday from 1:15 to 2:45 (in the Millenium Falcon Room). If you’re attending, please join us to celebrate 25 years of great stories by great writers, and a great magazine.

The other event is a Saturday night Group Launch I am sharing with my fellow writers Ann Marston, Barb Galler-Smith, Eileen Bell, and Amber Scott. I'm not sure yet of the time or room location, but once I find out, I will update it, here. The website blurb advertising the launch reads as follows:
On Spec editors, Ann, Barb, Eileen, and Susan, along with Guest of Honour, Amber E. Scott, will take us across time and space and show us how magical the world of words can be. And there will be entertainment. We’ve heard rumours that Amber is considering singing show tunes from the 1960s, Eileen has talked about doing a dog bath demonstration to the tune of Jaws, Susan is considering dancing a Bulerias por Fiesta from Jerez, Barb will finally demonstrate her keen ability to mimic the face of a guanaco and the call of a peacock, and Ann will knit a sweater in under 90 seconds while yodeling Carmen.

All right, so we’re pretty sure these are just rumours, and they won’t be doing any of that. But, they will be reading from their latest novels, and there will be door prizes and refreshments for all. Come and listen, relax, and chat among friends.
I will be launching and reading from the second book of my The Tattooed Witch trilogy, The Tattooed Seer (Five Rivers Publishing). Eileen is launching her debut novel, Seeing the Light (Tyche Books), Ann will be reading from her latest novel, King of Shadows (also Five Rivers Publishing), and Barb will read from her last novel in her Druids trilogy, Warriors (Edge Books). I'm not sure what Amber is reading. When I find out, I will also post it here, or maybe we'll just let her surprise us. As well as short readings from each of us, there will be plenty of time for socializing, so if you are attending, please be our guest!

And of course, we will have books for sale. Our covers are featured below:

Hope to see you there!

- Susan.

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