Sunday, August 17, 2014


TODAY, SUZENYMS REACHED 50,000 PAGE VIEWS. (As I write this, it's been 50,424 page views to be exact.) 

I resurrected the blog last April, 2013, after letting it lie dormant for two years. What I did was to turn it from a strictly personal blog into one I thought people might find more interesting - a blog devoted to writing and editing, with a little bit of my own book promotion thrown in. What really started it was this - Why Didn't On Spec Buy My Story? - which I posted on April 24, 2013. To date, it remains one of the more popular posts on the blog.

It's not only been great, but surprising to reach this milestone. To all of you who have visited Suzenyms, who have left thoughtful comments, who have contributed as guest authors, and who continue to support me in my efforts here, thank you. You have helped me do it.

- Susan.

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