Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I'M EXCITED. I JUST FINISHED A VIDEO INTERVIEW with Lorina Stephens, Publisher of Five Rivers Publishing. In it, I talk about my journey as a writer and how I came to write The Tattooed Witch, the first book in the trilogy. At the end of the interview, I read chapter one from the novel. If you have some time, grab an egg nog and give it a listen.

IN ADDITION, and AS IT'S THE SEASON OF GIVING, I'm giving away 10 free e-books of The Tattooed Witch (through to the first 10 people who ask me for a copy for their Kindle, tablet, or computer. (Sorry, Kobo users. I've tried to download the book onto my Kobo, and it balks. The Kindle and laptop aren't a problem.) If you send me a private message on Facebook requesting a copy, I'll send you the access code, so you can claim it through Dropcards. If we're not yet friends on Facebook, then friend me. If there are e-copies left, I'll be happy to send you one. 

Happy Holidays, everybody, and Happy Reading!

(And I should add, if you'd like to purchase the book (print or e-copy), just follow the links to Amazon, Five Rivers, or Kobo on the sidebar). Thank you for your support!) 

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