Wednesday, December 18, 2013


AFTER MY LAST POST - AN APPEAL FOR On Spec Magazine - I talked with Diane Walton, our Managing Editor, about the fabulous response we received. To all of you who tweeted, or shared, or re-posted my appeal for subscriptions, thank you. The numbers blew me away - I was overwhelmed. It's great to know we're appreciated, that you value what On Spec brings to the SF scene. You've reaffirmed my belief that we are an amazing and unique community, no matter where we live on the globe. 

Diane wanted me to let folks know that it isn't just about money or subscriptions. There are other ways you can help us (with promotion, for example). Want to become more involved with On Spec? Here's how you can: 

1. Bloggers can blog about On Spec to their followers. Post a photo of yourself reading a copy of On Spec on your Facebook page. 

2. Anyone with a website can add On Spec to their Links page, or ask us for a banner ad they can display. 

3. Anyone going to a SF convention or literary event in a city too far away for us to travel to, can ask us to send some promotional materials they could take with them and hand out to interested folks. We'd be happy to send them to you. (In the past, we've often wished we had local reps. Want to be one? We'd like to talk to you.) 

4. Many cities have local creative writing courses or groups who meet regularly. Bring these groups to our attention, and we can arrange a Google chat or Skype visit with our editors and local writers, students, or library patrons. We're happy to talk on any number of topics.

5. Consider buying an On Spec subscription for libraries and schools in your area. Some libraries even  have programs for this, where a charitable receipt can be provided.

6. Lobby your politicians and tell them you really care about the arts, and about sustainable public support for the arts  through grants and foundations. 

Thanks, Diane, and everybody! Once again, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and a happy, creative, and prosperous 2014.

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